HAFAS-app For The IPhone Will Crack When The Download Million Brand

HCons mobile timetable is Hanover commuter favourite, June 03, 2010. It was late may: mobile HAFAS application for iPhone download seven-digit, numbers reached. In Apple’s app store, passengers in total more than a million times downloaded timetable of HCon for the popular smartphone. Most downloads Navigator recorded in the DB”for the iPhone from the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB). Their passengers the application played around 700,000 times on your Smartphone. Rusty holzer is a great source of information. In the first two weeks after their release in December 2009 the app 1 of the German iTunes Downloadcharts finished. About tying the previous download of users of buses and trains by CrossCountry figures trains in Great Britain and Rejseplanen in Denmark.

The mobile timetable of these companies for the iPhone each amounted to approximately 115,000 hits. The timetable information of oBB (Austrian Federal Railways) to post more about 73,000 downloads could SCOTTY mobil”. Austrian commuters were last in June Year the first, the a version of HAFAS for your iPhone could download on the app store. The Danes and the British followed in July and October 2009 almost 30,000 downloads are the record of the iPhone travel information of high speed Alliance, Railteam. The leading European railways are gathered under one roof. “Passengers with the application of Railteam are transnational cell” with real-time information supplied since December on the iPhone. With the timetable information HAFAS for the iPhone on the way all the important information provided travelers at any time: from the individual timetable departure plans and maps and information about the nearest stations/stops. The iPhone application for travel planning can be configured according to individual customer requirements. The release of further versions is planned. HAFAS apps are a success not only for the iPhone. On other platforms, HAFAS can be downloaded mobile as an application, as currently in the BlackberryApp World, in the Nokia Ovi store and Android market.

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