Information Age

The market is saturated with enough technical journals and is very difficult to show and promote new projects, particularly if they are made in the form of regular paper edition, distributed by subscription, when the Internet edition prepared completely free to enlighten his audience, existing through the sale of advertising space, conferencing, and something else. Without the Internet presence it is difficult to perceive, in general, any serious company, and lack of adequate sites in the Information Age is only confusion and doubt in any Internet user. Today we received by mail (normal) distribution of the magazine ‘Marketing pro’ in an envelope and three sheets in it. Perhaps check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more information. Not for the first time we get this leaflet, as well as at the present time a special financial limitations, we do not subscribe to the exposed, unlike the past, once again ask the question, not whether to write it for next year … As verify the claimed objectivity of values, I, as an office employee, unfamiliar with the product and has access to the Internet? Of course, typing in the search, which I hastened to do, hoping to form an opinion … I looked all the main links to this magazine, most of which consists of laudatory quotes, taken from the official website of the publication. This often happens when you give a link to something not very familiar, but seems to be good, that doing: usually just kopiruesh the section ‘about us’ of the site without further ado, and without analyzing.

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