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And most professional interpreters – people 'forty', who behind his back, in addition to philology, a few more formations and years of experience. Other leaders such as Joel and Ethan Coen offer similar insights. And not only in the simultaneous but consecutive translation. After all with the VIP identity and 'stars' in consecutive interpretation, we often work 'star' interpretation. Such a translator should ideally know the protocol, do not be afraid of journalistic attacks, and instantly find a way out of any situation '. Classic interpretation Alexander Schweitzer in his book 'Through the Eyes of an interpreter' describes the case where the 'UN translator had to translate it the Japanese, who told a completely incomprehensible to Europeans Japanese anecdote. In the verbatim it could cause only confusion. Then, simultaneous interpreter decided to take a desperate step. 'Ladies and gentlemen – he said – now, he said absolutely untranslatable anecdote, but I think he will be pleased if you would laugh.

" The room was laughter sympathized with the poor translator listeners'. So the quick response and quick wit are not the last quality simultaneous interpreter. Denis Y. Zhuk, Deputy Chief management of inter-parliamentary cooperation of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS member-states: "Since the work of simultaneous interpreter is an integral part of every major international event on it enormous responsibility. Professional simultaneous interpreter must plunge into the questions discussed at the event with his head. " "Right now in St.

Petersburg has about twenty professional interpreters of international level – continues to Monica Panavene – sufficient expertise to work on activities involving senior officials of our own and other countries. With their help, we are all major forms of Russia: the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and the Murmansk Economic Forum and the Forum on Nanotechnology ROSNANO, and the conference 'Modern State and Global Security' in Yaroslavl. "For the translator, especially for simultaneous interpreters, the key qualities are common and linguistic culture, broad erudition. This rather have experienced translators – translators "veterans" – the stance of Paul Semenovich Bruk, chairman of the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Translators of Russia – simultaneous interpreter must be some encyclopedic. To be competent in various fields, he must sincerely interested in everything that happens in the world. " One is safety in load experienced by simultaneous interpreter, so high that the success of the event, which can last many hours necessary to work two or more translators, replacing each other every twenty minutes. The modern interpretation is always the work of a team, which in addition to translators include technical workers, conference managers, working with resources. And the development of interpretation is not only the development of technologies, but also and above all, creating a clear organization of labor, up to the last detail: that the equipment worked flawlessly, to chair booth was comfortable, and on the table at the interpreter was always water. Now the significance of simultaneous interpreter working well aware of those whose language they translate. Because, as Denis Zhuk: 'From each word simultaneous interpreter may depend fate and the level of international relations. Simultaneous interpreter – is a link between people, nations and cultures. "

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