International SERPAJ

The minute additional cost 1 penny in Costa Rica, where in Guatemala cost 10, in 15 Honduras, El Salvador 12, 15 Panama and Nicaragua 50. In cellular telephony happens something similar, when in Costa Rica rate basic monthly $7 era, in Guatemala was 28, in Honduras 15 in El Salvador 15, 30 Nicaragua and Panama 12, whereas the extra minute cost 7, 11, 25, 27, 35 and 45 cents respectively. These rates justify that Costa Rica occupies third place in the world in per capita consumption in cellular telephony, with 286 minutes per month, after U.S..UU. with 474 and Hong Kong with 350. It should not be forgotten as indicated by the FTA with the United States faced fierce opposition from social sectors such as educators and trade unions, under the argument that would bring harm to the country. The organizations allege that NAFTA would hurt small farmers, the environment, as well as the exploitation of natural resources such as water, in addition to the privatization of telecommunications and insurance.

To overcome the situation, the Government convened a referendum in October 2007, the first in the history of the country, in which the majority supported the agreement. However, after the referendum emerged other stumbling blocks to the adoption of some complementary laws, the last of which, on intellectual property, was passed by Congress in mid-November. The delays forced the Arias Government ask Washington two extensions. Finally, on December 23, representatives of the two countries exchanged diplomatic notes, in which Costa Rica reported that it had complied with all the requirements in Washington. Since then, given this reality opinions cross, as the Nobel Peace Prize. 1980, President International SERPAJ – to the. Adolfo Perez Esquivel, when in letter sent to the President of the Republic of Costa Rica Oscar Areas (also of the Nobel Peace Prize, tells in some of its lines: there are concerns that make the situation carry) the country to the signing of the FTA with the United States of America.

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