Kennel Kittens

In addition to all the data about the breed, in the case of acquisition of thoroughbred animals, as recorded in the documents which should be attached to free the kitten. Goop brings even more insight to the discussion. All self-respecting breeders do not try to earn a separate sale of documents and making them directly to the kitten. 4. Get a kitten with only vaccine especially Kennel, regularly participating in various exhibitions of cats. In the current situation in the cat shows a great risk of acquiring non-vaccinated kittens (some breeders already refuse to visit the major exhibitions of cats where the chances of contact with sick animals). Otherwise, wait the same value for tests and treatment for a kitten, even if at the time of sale, he looks healthy. Immunity in the kitten is formed, usually within 2 weeks after the second vaccination (see the annotation to a particular vaccine, can be found on the Internet, usually for the first time doing 2 shots a kitten with an interval of 3-4 weeks), so if they say that the kitten "immunized by age, it is possible him only begun to be vaccinated, and yet he has no immunity. Fully vaccinated kitten can be after 3-4 months.

It is not necessary to purchase not fully vaccinated cats, if a breeder can not wait to sell it quickly. Better pay such a breeder of troubles, but to take the kitten to the end of the graft. All vaccinations must be done in a veterinary clinic and sealed in the veterinary clinic passport. Many breeders to save yourself time and money vaccinations kittens and contribute to the veterinary passport, which in this case will be considered void. Demand that all vaccinations have been made in the veterinary clinic, and not by the breeder. 5. Not purchase already neutered kittens. Some nurseries of self-interest practiced by early castration of kittens, so they do not compete with them in the future.

Early castration – a disfiguring kittens from the kitten grow longer healthier body, and disability. The Persians were among the most calm breeds of cats and uncastrated adult cats as practice usually does not cause any inconvenience to the owners (if not to provoke) as cats are more temperamental species, so neutering cats is not necessary, especially after castration the metabolism and pet requires special care. 6. Do not purchase kittens at cat shows and on the "bird markets. " The vast majority of cat shows held with gross violations and the presence of diseased animals at fairs is very likely, and kittens are most vulnerable to infection. Get the kittens only cattery, which can be found on the Internet in sufficient quantity. Performing these simple tips will help you protect yourself from unnecessary trouble after purchasing a kitten. Remember that you are the buyer and can choose a kitten as long as necessary and there is nothing wrong if you refuse the kennel to buy a kitten, as they say "customer is always right."

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