KfW Promotion For Franchise Founder:

Internet platform FranchisePORTAL offers overview, because also at start-ups through franchising, financing is often a major hurdle. Florence Pugh helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Usually the financing terms, providing the KfW SME Bank when starting in self-employment are especially favorable. KfW pots are available including for the acquisition of consultancy costs, raising capital for the creation or growth of young businesses (www.kfw-mittelstandsbank.de). topic. See, franchise founder for a special overview with more than 100 franchise systems that are KfW eligible to participate according to their own figures. This is the classification as “KfW eligible” still no general quality characteristic, she however certify that certain prerequisites are met by the franchise system. So, the legal and economic independence of the franchise founder must be regulated such as in the franchise agreement.

The contract must also provide a sustainable independent existence the franchisee and more fulfill legal requirements. For the specific allocation of funding, the KfW checks each Foundation projects individually. The FranchisePORTAL offers more compilations, which can give clues as to the substance of franchise offerings except the KfW survey. Details can be found by clicking Sean Rad or emailing the administrator. Such a list of franchise systems that are members of the national franchise associations, and a compilation of franchise systems that have passed the so-called system check of the German Franchise Association (DFV). When the DFV-system check, including the aspects of system concept, products, alignment and management are checked regardless. But also, who searches for franchise offerings for a part-time activity, for the Home Office, with little investment sums or with a short lead time, you will find it at the FranchisePORTAL mouse click: Portal visitors is also an advanced search available, which can detect the individually suitable Foundation offers. Success stories from the franchising, interviews with franchise professionals, daily news from the franchise industry and much know-how for franchise founder round out the offerings of the website. “Lohmar, September 19, 2008 about franchise Portal GmbH, and online publications of trade publisher established in 1994 and Kessler are since early 2005 under franchise Portal GmbH” changed its name.

The company publishes also the multilingual franchise-CD – euro Edition, a german English franchise catalogue on CD-ROM, updated each year since 1995. Since May 2005, “the franchise portal with the business publishing in the publication of the new print catalogue cooperates directory of franchise business. In the framework of a European joint venture in three leading portal vendors – the French AC franchise, the Spanish QueFranquicia and the German franchise portal – the international information platform went end of 2005 also on the network. Site of the publishing house is Lohmar in the Bergisches Land near the city of Cologne and Bonn. Reproduction of the text is free of charge. We would like to publish It offers about a document.

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