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However, unlike MP3 pro, create files aac he (or aac plus) provides a standard format that represents an opportunity to play such a file by a majority aac player. aac has several modes to create files (profiles), the most famous of which is the lc (low complexity, low complexity) used by Apple in its service iTunes. In addition, the playback aac lc files is possible with hardware aac player (eg Apple iPod or phone, Nokia). Now hardly anyone uses the 'naked' aac files. In most cases, they immediately packed in a container mp 4 (m 4 a, m 4 p), which gives user certain advantages like the possibility of using tags or support gapless (without pauses) playing. Do not, however, unambiguously identify the extension of mp 4 with AAC: container may also include an MP3 or MPEG-4 video files. Number of existing aac codec is large enough. Just as in the case of MP3, they can differ significantly in speed and quality.

Among them is the Apple Quick Time (used in iTunes), showed the best result in the testing 128 kbit / s, as well as the Nero aac, featuring a beautiful realization of vbr and being the first codec with support for aac plus. Gives hope and faac, free project, which is an analog lame for aac. wma (Windows Media Audio) format wma, known thanks largely to its parent and undertaken by them to advertising companies, is an attempt to create an alternative to Microsoft MP3 for users of Windows.

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