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The ghost that conducts the opera the Drama of Cristine and Raul. The Book ' ' The Ghost of the pera' ' of the writer Gaston Leroux engloba drama and romance in a Paris of century XIX throughout its 311 pages, this book if became one of the workmanships cousins of universal literature and therefore it is asked for in the vestibular contest of you vary institutions of education in the country. To all the directors of the opera the ghost demanded twenty a thousand Francs monthly and the berth reserved number five for the spectacles, whenever one of these was not done a disaster happened. In the day of the resignation of then managing the Debiene and Poligny, Jose Buquet is found died by strangled in the room of ahead schemes of the opera and of the fact the legend of ' ' Ghost of the pera' ' if it popularizes enters the employees of the opera. When Richard and Moncharmin if become directors and they do not believe the legend of the ghost, a series of disasters happens until both are veem obliged to follow the demands of the ghost, in way to these disasters the passion of Cristine and Raul if sequestra Cristine intensifies when the ghost to he leads for the underground of the opera, at this moment Raul and the Persian starts an incessant search for Cristine and the secret of the identity of so feared ' ' Ghost of the pera' ' Gaston Leroux was born in 6 of May of 1868 in Normandy, in Paris if it formed in Right, after the death of the father started to work as resenhista of theater and police reporter in the L' Echo of Paris, gained fame for if infiltrating in a disfarado arrest of doctor and proving the innocence of a prisoner, as corresponding of the periodical Le Matin it was sent in dangerous substances in Scandinavia, Russia, Morocco, Egypt, and other places of Africa, Europe and Asia. Gaston abandoned the journalism in 1907, dying in 1927. My name is Lucas Amorim de Lima, currently course 9 year EF of Basic Ensino in the College of the Military Policy.

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