Pupil Institutions

However, this is not an easy task, the necessary course very to be well planned and to count on qualified professionals stops to lecionar using this method. Research proves, however, that the fact of the pupil not to need to leave house to get a diploma of graduation cause certain comodismo and for not needing to frequentar the lessons in traditional way, this student finishes losing the interest with passing of the time. One of the points of bigger concern in the education modality in the distance, says respect to the quality of the course, this is a factor importantssimo and that the education institution must in the distance take in account when implanting the education. In accordance with (KEYS, 1999) many of the institutions interested in EAD today are looking for half to reduce the development costs, however, this finishes reflecting in the quality it course. Instead of using expensive medias, as television and video, these published institutions predominantly use text in the Internet, therefore the cost is small, as much in the development as in the delivery.

Moreover, not to increase the development cost, the text is very little worked, consisting, many times, of texts that had not been elaborated to be published in form printed. In such a way, the EAD finishes not passing of an education for correspondence where the texts are distributed by the Internet and not for the conventional post office. When the EAD is understood only as remote disponibilizao of texts, despite folloied by other resources, are to believe that its reason cost/benefit, when compared with the one of actual education, either sufficiently favorable, resulting, however, in a fall of quality in the process. The popularizao of education in the distance, made with that the education institutions enclosed each time more areas of its performance, what before was restricted the courses of short duration and specializations, were extended to education professionalizing technician to take care of the new requirements of the work market.

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