TIC Apprentice

Institucionalmente the university could be conveniar with professional associations to develop in set interest contents of the courses that disponibiliza, as: CREA: the engineering advice would point out the positioning, the importance and the responsibility of the future engineer being more present in the life of the apprentice. FIESP and Abinee: companies, events, economic demands and politics would give the dimension of the dynamics of the productive world, many times distant of the apprentice who develops functions techniques routine in its company, without time to raise the head and to around see a little of the environment in its. Idec: the institute of the defense of the consumer as a reality and critical necessity of the plural, competitive and modern society, where the consumer and the citizen for times if confuse. In this way, far from depleting the proposal, but taking care of to a challenge of short term for the country, I understand to be sufficiently reasonable the best use of cellular and tablets, these also of interest of the current government, that wants to follow the korean experience that in 2014 already more will not offer to didactic books printed matters in its schools. The difficulties exist and are many: cultural resistncias of professors and apprenticees, economic conditions of institutions, professors and apprenticees, basic education highly spoiled, in period of training of letramento equivalent to the functional illiteracy, the point to compromise the discernment most elementary of an apprentice of superior education, the extreme valuation of the facilitation and the pleasure, with consequences of loss of fiber and the disposal to fight hard for its objectives, of wash-out of the will and the aiding of the fraud. As example, I keep a group of pupils and former-pupils, with more than five hundred associates, have ten years almost.

Grupopofessormariosilva, easily encontrvel in the Google, has an academic intention for exchange of information, offers of didactic substances, messages and enquetes the statistics sample that pupils are not interested themselves for enquetes. For what my pupils in these years are interested themselves: to get material that facilitates its preparation for the tests. We have one strong valuation of the pupil in the note, therefore this moves with its routine (DP or not) and decurrent expenditures, beyond ' ' afast-lo' ' of its objective to get the diploma. Concluding, instruments TIC are there and of them, we educators, must launch hand, we do not have another alternative: they must be used and well used! The motivated apprenticees or will not have much what to only earn with the new forms of learning, remaining the problem to take care of with differentiated attention of the pupils with formation deficit, so that they obtain to understand a text written or a context of its real social dynamics. Daqui little we will be living deeply the Internet of the things, the dematerialization and the virtualizao, co-creation, organizations in nets, trends these harmonized with nanossolues incased in positions of ambient and social support. The EAD then will take routes much more ample, becoming obsolete the physical structures of computer science, of our universities, now installed; as well as of the solutions of mediation of the dynamics of the process teach-learning-learning that today we search. Therefore, we cannot lose of perspective what minimum we want: a society with human beings complete and capable to decide in a democratic and respectful environment of the thought differences.

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