Milton Friedman States

Having the concept of social responsibility is only a preliminary step towards the social effectiveness of the company. It is important, however, because it is the value that gives entrepreneurs a solid basis for social action. Likewise, it is philosophy that justifies the business participation in the community, but the philosophy by itself is incomplete. It must be followed by effective social action. Therefore, necessary to take into account social responses to talk of social responsibility. In accordance with what you mention Carroll (1999), the concept of corporate social responsibility has had a long history.

However, it is in the last 50 years has been formally documented this issue through investigations that have focused mostly on developed countries. So it is that this research, in part, fill spaces that have not been studied and nor investigated. Another point of view raises social responsibility means trying to respond to the expectations of the community to help create a better society. According to Thomas Donaldson, enterprises and society have written a Social contract, where each party has rights as well as obligations to the other party (Madsen, 1990). Of course, not all persons interested in social responsibility will agree that there is a moral obligation on companies spend resources to help solve social problems. In his classic article, the social responsibility of companies is to increase its profits, Milton Friedman States that the solution of social problems is the Government’s task, in such a way that the managers who spend money in social activities are acting irresponsibly (Madsen, 1990). The above, not to say that utilities are not important. The utilities are to business what is the oxygen for humans, says Andres Marcelo Sada, former director Cellulose and derivatives (CYDSA), important Mexican company. A company cannot exist if it doesn’t generate utilities, but this is not the only reason for its existence.

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