MLM Time

Now is the time, after a few days, call him and tell him that you have a probable solution to your problem. Now if you can invite him. 7. The invitation should be, short, arouse interest and you must always tell the truth. Never offer your activity as a job, always wondered if this willing to listen to an independent activity. Please, do not waste your valuable time with people who do not qualify to be on your team.

Remember, your mission is not joining everyone in your business, you should only find a 5 or 10 like you and teach them to repeat the process. 8. Once the person demonstrated his interest and agrees to join your business. Make him earn money now! If do not have a plan to put him Silver in his pocket within the next 48 to 72 hours, the more likely your prospect begins to doubt her decision, meets people who explain the 1001 reasons therefore must get out of it and look for a job and desist. 9. Finally, if after the first week your new distributor is live and already won money with marketing products you have chances to go forward. Now focusing on keeping him motivated, that attend workouts and keep making money.

Only focus on duplication once you have a clientele that report a money to meet your expectations. 10. An important point, top MLM companies were created several decades ago. Just at this time are beginning to take advantage of powerful tools such as the Internet. Do not miss this detail view. (In a future article we will refer to this topic) Tip: At this point, do not drown it. A common mistake is to wanting to do everything by the. Trusts in, guide him, but does not work for the. These damaging your business and yours entrance. Your mission is to create leadership, support it but not the sobreprotejas. Summary: Complies with each step and respects the suggested times. Respect your prospectus. It is not dumb by not entering the business, simply not prepared for the proposal. You do not become the Savior of the world, you’re not. However do not doubt that you have a powerful choice that would no doubt help the right people. He trusts in thee, in the company, on your computer and in people. Build your business every day and above all things do not FORSAKE. A greeting and Sergio Vinokur Autor original article source

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