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Today there are still many offers on a limited number of potential buyers is as it was to learn from the current press, is on the decline. The reasons for this are as follows: first State today to many offerings that meets on a limited number of potential buyers. Walt Disney is likely to agree. Second, The House design and location fit in many cases not to the wishes of the buyer of the lot. Educate yourself with thoughts from Time Warner. Thirdly: Result: the number of sold lots per object shrinks to 10 15%. From this situation, the questionable business model has fee”developed.

That is, many home sellers who put your houses using the lottery on the Internet, often expect that anyway not all lots are sold. Others who may share this opinion include Jeffrey L. Bewkes. This is a profitable business with a retained fee of up to 20 or more. Calculation example: Value of the House: lots of 400,000 number: 4,100 Lospeis: 99 at a rate of 15% of the value of the sold lots corresponds to approximately 60,000 euros. This is of course, a good credit for the effort to bring the object all these circumstances just on the Internet have led the theme House Lottery increasingly enters the offside. An initially good idea however too often negatively used. “” On the basis of these facts, we have developed a new, unique in Europe, Internet concept for House raffles, that all individual claims after house design “and especially location” covers.

This new strategy is focused in the B2B environment, and equally in the B2C environment and will revolutionize the market. Whether it is possible to generate a new sales channel in Europe is still in the stars. However, resist especially the associations of the real estate sector. Current status: the theme House Lottery must legally be approved in Germany. (according to the European Court of justice there is liberalize) An accurate time indication is not yet possible. Do we use this time advantage more partners for this also economically interesting idea to win. Thomas Manzau

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