radio.de recommends Internet radio stations with Oktoberfest hits Munich is the camping stronghold of in Germany. Nowhere else in tents people reside in these days. Instead of gas stoves there are dimensional jugs and Bavarian costume as far as the eye can see. Or in short: Munich celebrates its Oktoberfest. In Hamburg, Reeperbahn head stands at more than 70 clubs, concert halls and bars just the Reeperbahn Festival, where are newcomers and seasoned heroes of indie the micro recihen? But also in Scotland is celebrated these days. The traditional whiskey Festival in the Highlands attracts numerous visitors. The radio.de app offers the right soundtrack with the huge choice of channels for each of these events. …: Munich celebrates.

:::… O taps is! With the blue and white transmitter Oktoberfest enjoy guaranteed best marquee mood! Whether the cozy dimensions in your living room or to the annealing in large round – the mix of evergreens, pop hits and Bavarian music invites you not only to the fellow German drinking songs, but can also be with excellent bawl beyond the Bavarian land borders. Quite regardless of the current level prices. Oktoberfest.radio.de contact: radio.de GmbH Michael Bruns MacPhee 59 22303 Hamburg Germany

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