Panasonic CS

The next type is a mobile air-conditioning, does not require complicated installation: just take out the tube for the withdrawal of hot air. And compared to window air conditioners, the advantage is portability: conditioner can be easily moved to another location or facility. The cost of such air-conditioning, of course much higher: an entry-level Bork KY-20N will rise to $ 325. The main problem remains the same as that of the window: the compressor is in indoors, so they are also sources of high noise. This shortage does not have a split system (air conditioners split type). Such conditioners are divided into two parts: internal and external blocks. The compressor is removed out and not give noise in the room, and the inner part of the air conditioner is very quiet and does not block the window opening.

Of course, this solution would cost more than window air conditioner: for example, air conditioning Panasonic CS A7JKD (Split system), costs $ 730. Simple air conditioning only works on cooling, in contrast to their more expensive cousins, which can heat the air, and then ionized, filtered supply air to mix with vitamins and clean supply air and warm air inside the room. What are the functions of air conditioning in main mode is the mode of cooling. It reduces the device temperature and humidity, the air filter. As a rule, Most manufacturers recommend that air conditioners use this mode when an indoor temperature of 18'-30'C, outside 5'-46'C.

The required temperature is set with the remote A / V and is controlled by a sensor on the indoor unit conditioner. Additional options: Dry. In this mode, the unit drains and moderately cool air in the room. It is recommended to use when the air is relatively cool, but has high humidity. Choosing the air conditioner, remember that its main function – maintaining the desired temperature in a single room. If he can not cope with it, the meaning of the remaining super-functions is no! Do not skimp, buy safe technique with a good resource – air conditioner will serve you for many years, and every summer would be cool!

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