In the last decade, the Computerized Cat scan became one of the modalities of formation of image more frequent used in the evaluation daily pay-operatria of the jaw and the jaw for dental implantations. Some scientific documents have been presented defending the utility of the technique. However, available references do not exist that can be used as a manual of instructions for presentation and interpretation of the Computerized Cat scan dental, that in some cases is one neglected examination and little used. Many writers such as Robert Iger offer more in-depth analysis. The advances of the technology had allowed to digitalizar the information of the Cat scans Computerized for the planning of the rank of implantations. The Surgeon Dentist can interact with the consigned results, before the surgical process of the rank of the implantation and visualizing specific the prosthetic implications in softwares. The Computerized Cat scan was implemented in the Odontologia for Schwarz et al.

(1987) with the Dental program that in supplies image to them to multiglide of the jaw and the jaw, as well as the ssea quality of the interest region (index of Misch), filling a gap left for the other types of examinations, being this the ideal choice for the final planning of the intra-sseos dental implantations, associate the preliminary audits as it affirms Fredericksen ' ' The combination of techniques is extremely necessary for the attainment of disgnostic information fidedignas' ' (GUEDES & IT WOULD MAKE, 1999). With the great advance of the surgical techniques, in what it says respect to the osseointegrados implantations, Odontolgica Radiology has basic importance in the planning of the receiving areas determining the height, thickness, amount of bone and its quality. We know that the surgical success depends directly on and extremely trustworth a necessary planning (IT WOULD MAKE, 1999). The Computerized Cat scan has been each time more used in Odontologia, becoming necessary for the implantodontistas ampler knowledge on this subject.

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