Radio Photography

Advertising Production costs for color magazine ads, are lower than the creation of an TV advertising movie. And this applies not only to material costs, which include fees photographer, models, make-up artists and other professionals that are essential for the establishment of a full-color art photography, but also temporary. Terms of the picture was taken far less than the production of TV commercials. In the situation of the hard fashion calendar, which is followed by designer brands, speed the production of advertising is an important criterion for selecting a particular type of advertising media. Visualization. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Stankey has to say. In the fashion industry is a visual image, perhaps, the most important tool for building brand image. Visual imagery is more effective photographs to show the clothes than the ‘moving picture’ on television.

Lack of movement in fashion photography, a kind of static created images provide additional opportunities perception of advertising messages. Another important factor – the ease of replication of fashion photography under the technical requirements of a particular journal. Often design house creates a single creative concept for all markets in which it conducts operations, providing the necessary promotional materials, or their affiliates of boutiques around the world. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andi Potamkin. Radio The radio advertising business of fashion is a subsidiary and a secondary communication tool. No picture in broadcasting is a technical limitation of this type of advertising. For advertising fashion products where visual imagery is of paramount importance to brand and promote the seasonal fashion trends, the inability to demonstrate the color, shape, texture and structural characteristics of a decisive argument against the radio.

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