Radiologists Discoveries

Radiologists interested in this fact, conducted experiments and found that if the food drink cold drinks (Eg, Pepsi-Cola with ice), the residence time of food in the stomach is reduced from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes (more – in his doctoral dissertation Lindenbraten Vitaly Davidovich Materials to the question of the effect on the body heat, 1969, the Institute Experimental Medicine, ams ussr, Leningrad). This is, firstly, a direct path to obesity, since such foods can not be satisfied and hunger occurs very quickly. Secondly, and begin putrefactive processes in the intestine because the normal digestion, as such, was not. Incidentally, this is the way in which McDonald's and made a lot of money! Washed down with food (sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs), ice drinks, the man never be able to eat junk food, and hence will bite again and again. In this case, the hot drinks – tea, coffee – is set high enough price, and they are not included in the comprehensive set, but the icy Coca-Cola is relatively cheap. From the above we can conclude: in order to avoid problems with digestion, never wash down the food cold drinks! So, taking a warm Coke Light leads to the disintegration of aspartame in a very bad components. Admission cold Coke causes a momentary abandonment of the stomach of undigested food.

Conclusion: grinding a ton of information, I fell into a state of emotional shock. What exactly grasped: Drinks class lemonade drink no more I will. This is – legal, slow acting poison! And encourage others to think! Help (information not verified!): From the book of the Academy of Health drink or not drink. In many states (in USA) traffic police always have a patrol machine 2 bottles of Coke to wash the blood off the highway after the accident. To clean a toilet, pour a jar of Cola into the sink and wash off within an hour. Citric acid in Cola removes stains from porcelain. To remove rust stains from chrome car bumpers, rub the bumper crumpled sheet of aluminum foil dipped in Cola To promote a rusty bolt, soak a cloth with Cola, and wrap it bolt for several minutes.

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