Radio Frequency Identification

There are several technologies such impairment – mechanical engraving, chemical, laser, application of codes of special ink. The above-described technologies are first turn to work with information that is encoded as an optical bar code and plotted on the label for automatic reading and decoding – optical scanners, data collection terminals, photos and video systems recognition. Actively developing innovative technology is the technology of identification and retrieval of information via a radio frequency (RFID – Radio Frequency Identification). FRID tags contain a tiny chip inside and small antenna. Upon receipt of the command transmitter, the device emits the antenna tag information that is recorded in the chip.

This technology allows application of labels in places inaccessible to optical read, write, or reused in the production of information and products move from shop to shop, automatically read multiple tags, etc. With all this technology is used special software traceability system, which includes a database to store current and historical information and management systems. Codes marked on the label, the system can instantly display information such as what took place this production phases otmarkirovanny object, materials, and when used in its production, who is its customer and where the object must currently be. Methods and techniques used Appointments and technologies of a traceability system is very, very much. Depending on the objectives and as to which stages of production adopted control measures, it can solve a wide range of issues. Especially important is the information obtained by the methods of traceability, if necessary, prevent occurrence of defective products in stock and consumers. Using the information stored in databases on products, you can achieve maximum reduction of resource and time costs of finding and correcting the cause of failure of production. Quite reasonably, that much easier – and cheaper – to remove the cause of marriage, without recourse to stop all production and avoid the implementation is not standards-compliant products.

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