Radioactive Substances

Nowadays, any type of product for customers can practically be sent world measures, of economic and fast form. But exist item that cannot be sent by a normal company of air transportation? The reply it is YES! These rules can vary, depending on its region or partner of air transportation. Therefore, it verifies with them will have doubts. It sees below a list of item that can or not to be sent through a company of aerial freight. Objects that contain gas or inflammable liquid, including lighters. Item that contain content under pressure, as aerosol cans (spray of hair, oxygen tubes)? Electric equipment with powerful or interrupting magnets of mercury? Corporal blood or other fluids. Corrosive chemical products, as acid of battery, sanitary water, toxic materials or other dangerous substances. Radioactive substances, including certain types of medical suppliments and radioactive medicines.

Thermometers to the base of mercury, that can be broken during the transport and compromise the health of who chore with the package. Robert Iger gathered all the information. Boxes of tools and item that can contain explosive material. Mainly for orders that do not contain shipper address. Any package that exhales fort odor of chemical product, since it will lead to the concern of possible emptying of dangerous materials, representing, consequentemente, a risk for the health. Ammunition and firearms. Alcoholic products including distilled beer, wine and products.

Alive money, in paper, currency or another form. Animal livings creature. Item badly packed, as foods that if had spoiled. As observed above, the item of this list are not universal, being able in accordance with to vary the airline or destination. Thus, it verifies with its partner of air transportation before sending any thing that you believe that they do not go to be able to deliver.

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