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The first three drama CDs of Zigby and his friends appear on the 18.03.2011. Munich – the first Zigby – children’s book of Illustrator Brian Paterson was released in 2002. The series of Zigby the Zebra, evolved from the five books”. The stories convey the young viewers the importance of friendship and sense of community cohesion. The Australian 3D-Animationsserie in the German television (ZDF / junior on SKY, KI.KA) has been running since 2009. The adventures of Zigby and his animal friends already as DVD are also available. On March 18, 2011, Zigby the Zebra is”installed as a radio play by Studio100 media on the market. Finally radio fans in the enjoyment of failed companies by Zigby and his best friends, the Guinea fowl Bertie and meerkats get matzos.

The play was produced in the legendary Hansa ton studios in Berlin, where even greats such as Depeche Mode, David Bowie and U2 at the microphones. While the shots were supplemented by a narrator. This part could Studio100 media win the presenter and author Ruth Moschner. Even if you do not have to go as Narrator in the character of a figure, I could identify me right off the bat very well with Zigby and his friends. I’m also very curious and enterprising, which I’ve maneuvered me even in difficult situations. Just like Zigby I can rely then on advice and my friends”, so Ruth Moschner to their commitment. The adventurous Zebra Zigby lives with his animal friends on a tropical island. Alone the jungle there has been enough space for excitement and adventure.

But that’s not enough Zigby. With his offbeat ideas and activities, he brings not only himself, but also his friends regularly in the greatest difficulties. For Zigby no reason to lose your nerve. Because with his creative and unusual ideas, he always finds a way out of the mess. While his friends, like the Guinea fowl Bertie and Meerkat has him Matze help page. But islanders like elephant Lady, Lilly will contribute to an atmospheric together on the islet Elsa or Hippo. Studio100 media Studio100 media GmbH is an internationally operating production and sales company in the field of children’s and family entertainment. The Munich-based company is a subsidiary of the Belgian Studio100. The company develops and acquires new formats, hired as a co-executive producer and is responsible for the worldwide distribution of its own rights portfolio, as well as for third-party sales programs. It produces and markets the Studio100 media also own merchandising products and supervised even the licensing business. Studio100 media objective is to offer high-quality, non-violent children’s programs.

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