It should be noted that the seeds are very sensitive to the dose of uv or infrared radiation at low dose, can not get a stimulating effect, if excessive – there is the oppression of the plant. With proper choice of dose and mode of uv, ir irradiation, high culture of farming grain yield increased by 10% or more. uv, ir irradiation of the seeds provides earlier for 2-3 days germination. Plant density is increased 5-10%. 15-20% increases tillering. uv, ir irradiation of cereal crops of maize spikelet leads to a well-developed root system, stem thickness by 7-12% more leaf area unit. The average height of cereal crops spikelet 2-3 cm, and maize by 5-15 cm than uv, ir is not exposed.

Chlorophyll content in an average 10% higher photosynthesis is active. tl exposure decreases by 2-3 times affecting of plant smut and rust. Term of maturing crop is reduced by 3-5 days in plants growing accumulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and minerals, resulting in increased yields of green mass and grain. The protein content increased by 5-8% on the absolute value. Forage quality of green fodder, corn, barley, oats increased by 10-15% (by increasing the nitrogen content by 10-20%. Phosphorus 15-20% sugar 15-20, minerals, 2-3%). In the green mass increases the content of essential amino acids. uv, ir irradiation of the seeds changes water treatment plants, water deficit of 2 times smaller, which indicates an increase in their drought-resistant.

When the tl treatment of seed grain, in laying them on the storage and handling of grain ultraviolet, infrared radiation, immediately before sowing, reduced by (70-80)%, or completely eliminated presowing Grain chemicals, leading to significant savings in material resources. Installation of thermal radiation (TL) processing of cereals and legumes 'SOYAR'. I. Characteristics and capabilities of the installation. The apparatus used sources of infrared (IR), and on request of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Intended for irradiation of grains, legumes, soy crops, sunflower seeds, flax, hemp, fodder, etc. SCOPE: 1. uv, ir radiation is used to increase yield and suhostoykosti cereals, legumes, soy cultures. 2. uv, ir radiation is used to "wake up" before planting crops. 3. tl processing is used to destroy fungi and insects. 4. tl treatment is used for drying grain, bean, soybean crops. 5. tl processing is used for treatment of soybean (to destroy harmful substances). 6. tl treatment is used for making beverages from coffee, barley, chicory, etc. . 7. tl treatment of sunflower seeds, flax, hemp, etc. leads to increase in the yield of oil by 3% -5%. 8. tl processing of cereals, legumes, soy is used to improve the digestibility of their animals. 9. Installation can be applied for mixing and e-fortification (in the presence of uv emitter) feed. specifications 1. Productivity, kg / h – 300-1000 2. Installed power, kW – 30 3. Number of operators, people – 1 4. Adjustable temperature in the chamber, C – 400 5. Weight, kg – 500 6. Dimensions: length – 2430, height – 2090, width – 950. NOTE: Installation on your wants and needs can be supplied with additional equipment: – conditioner – crusher – press extruder. 'SOYAR'

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