Saturday Time

My grandfathers did not want to run risk that at the time of return when the Shabat entered, that is Friday at night would not give sufficient time him and had the monk who to sleep in the highway or the other city, refused to employ to him. The driver insisted, spoke of his needs and that he was safe of being able to return in time. Ominous decision. My grandfathers, than have to me counted, was a splendid man, of a work vocation and socialist means, all the week ends made accounts in front of its workers, removed from its provisions silver and gold the currencies and shared with them its gains. Although it did not have appreciated them to partners like such. The day Saturday in the morning a man without scruples, todero of which I will talk about more ahead, a fool without office went to his house and without reasons nor truths he said to him that the driver had undergone a volcamiento, had run over to somebody he had killed and it.

Their religiousness and its sense of having were the spark that exploded in its young person heart. The grandfathers could not support it, he took the blame to make contingency not covered by law to his instinct, and the fault feeling went like a three days and to his forty and seven years of age, it died. My Simi grandmother had them to do single, as soon as she finished burying the grandfathers, those men treated like associates, did of his, distributed cars, horses and mules, realised one rebatia; don’t mention it she had served the good will as the grandfathers. grandmother left, it in the great misery. That forced so much father as to its brother to leave its studies and from the seven years they began to work. It did first it like boy of errand, then, salesman of a gas pump that was of its paternal uncle, returned to the profession of his father and as soon as he could bought with its brother a transport vehicle truck, soon another one and another one.

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