Sony Ericsson

Mobile communications – is a huge potential and variety of markets. According to the experts – the number of mobile communications is growing, right now, just booming. Just imagine – every mobile phone can be a store where you can spend your own money. No matter what you buy at the same time – the next game, wallpaper on the screen or a yearly subscription to the electronic edition. The most important thing is that by creating normal application – you can, have a guaranteed market, which will be close to the customer as never before. Jeffrey L. Bewkes contributes greatly to this topic. What we have today? These large corporations for the production of means of communication like NOKIA, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola – Has long since put in a list of default programs in your phone shops. And if these are only games, wallpaper collection, applications, very soon, with the development of business firms in this sector – there will be come the other "shops". You can sell to almost everything: insurance, subscriptions to publications, a variety of electronic publications, etc.

Mobile phone, if it contains links to the Web, can replace a supermarket to the owner. Quite recently, we wrote about that in England introduced a new payment system – using an ordinary mobile phone. In this case you do not even have to carry your mobile phone near the terminal. All transactions will be made directly to your account. It is noteworthy that this kind of innovation will prefer not only the owners of prepaid services from mobile operators, but the contract subscribers. All operations will be conducted through an operator, which is significantly increase its cash turnover. An interesting trend on the possible sale of the goods and services via mobile phones is not based on momentary operators want to "get rich" due to their subscribers. Actually – the distribution of content is a very significant part of revenues of all mobile operators.

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