Sustainable Products

traditionsWerk by DG!S presents new models of designer handmade bags, finished pieces and exclusive accessories are at traditionsWerk years exclusively manufactured in Germany in his own Studio. Robert A. Iger wanted to know more. This traditionsWerk like to unconventional ways not floating in the stream of short-term trends and sets its own accents, usually on the combination of new and proven. The current collection consists exclusively of designer models, manufactured from sustainable materials. Sustainability is an essential part of the philosophy of traditionWerk. Sustainability starts it accompanied the first idea for a new product, the sketches as well as the design and continues in the choice of materials. Times can be found exclusively environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials such as natural bamboo, wild silk, felt and jute and treasures from Grandma’s at traditionsWerk. Cotton fabric, lace and silk from bygone days encounter contemporary and exclusive design. So are made precious little useful Everyday companion conjured up.

Trendy for sustainable materials can meet also environmentally conscious so exclusive design. With unique unique, traditionsWerk presents exclusive practical bags and accessories, beautiful pieces of jewelry that are suitable for every occasion and would be used every day. Sustainability is therefore both scale and indicator for handmade textiles by traditionsWerk. With attention to detail and with great passion are them in his own Studio made-on request also individually! We are gladly for you! Their Sonja Born

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