Tokyo Motor Show

At the next Motor Show in Tokyo show is not just a cheap little coupe, and a little expensive coupe with a hybrid drive. Honda says that the sports car may already be not only petrol but also electric. Pre-production sample is almost fully consistent with the model that will go with pipelines Japanese plants in February 2010. Far harbinger CR-Z coupe concept was a Honda CR-Z model in 2007. A year later it was brought to auto show in Moscow, and even then talked about the upcoming launch of the coupe in the series, and always with a hybrid engine. In contrast to the concept two years ago became the production car look a bit easier on the side of there vyshtampovki, giving rigidity body panels, reshaped air intakes in the front bumper, headlights changed the picture, but do not form. It should be noted that the concept of proportion and even many parts moved from concept to most minor modifications.

But here's the back of the body had to revise thoroughly – above all, put a normal bumper. The interior has retained its futuristic, but now built with materials that we used to see on production models. The concept of the interior continues, "zvezdoletnuyu" theme begun yet on the Civic and brought to "a Hollywood fantasy" on a hybrid Insight. New Honda CR-X in – is that other companies will be release in ten years. Information on the hybrid drive installation, power, speed, capacity and weight of the batteries will be provided only after a week in Tokyo. Meanwhile, official information on the car hidden somewhere in the Japanese islands. It can be assumed that the Honda CR-X will be equipped with a hybrid setup of Insight as a 1.3-liter gasoline engine and a more powerful 1.5-liter engine and a more powerful motor. Because the CR-X coupe and less easier relatively large Insight, the dynamic characteristics of a new hybrid Honda should be noticeably better than those marketed in the U.S., Japan and Europe, Honda Insight. Ukrainian fan-club fans and supporters of the Honda brand hybrid cars do not bite your elbows. Sooner or later, Honda, finishing all the preparation and certification tests, will begin selling the Insight and CR-X in Ukraine. Knowing in what high esteem in the Ukraine, this brand is a sin not to offer it to our customer.

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