Coffee As A Business

Coffee moves annually millions of dollars around the world, so much so it is the second most marketed goods of the world. Since his foray into the Western world, the growth in their marketing increased by leaps. You are 150 million people who live in the cultivation of coffee around the world, and that number will be increasing with the passage of time. The fact that is the second most commercialized commodity in the world makes coffee one of the most famous drinks in the world, accepted by different cultures. The main producer of coffee in the world is Colombia, second is Brazil and third Viet Nam. Due to economic movement generated, there are many economic and social interests around the marketing and production of coffee. The number of bags exported annually is 80 million, most made from South America.

No matter what brand of coffee that a family consumed in your home, there is more than 90% chance of that is South American coffee. The coffee comes in different forms of consumption, now one of the ways which is popular because of its easy preparation and quality is that of coffee in capsules. Nespresso capsules to be exact, is the fastest way to have an espresso and cheaper than a traditional one. The flavor and aroma is the same and the quality is very good. THE rise of the rise of petroleum oil, directly affect the price of coffee because the transport costs of exports, coffee beans packaging and roasting. This caused that 20% of the small coffee producers cannot maintain its business but will not affect large scale since coffee will continue to be a productive business.

ENVIRONMENT and production classifications coffee to label coffee under certain environmental standards or work are the following, shade-grown, bird-friendly, which consists of using the regions where natural shade from trees protects the coffee plants during the stage growth. Organic coffee has to be produced under stringent certifications and is produced without the use of artificial pesticides. All these certifications are strictly enforced by the nespresso capsules.

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