Content MARKETING PLAN Strategic Planning We will carry out a bell so big consequences for the realization of promoting and raising awareness of the mouthwash teach giving this benefit as making in the welfare of people and health in general and especially the price and quality business ID. We have to establish that our competitors are large multinationals and the ideal is to establish strategies for action against them Competing with quality and offer innovative products such as calendula in oral gourd that is for a population that have not responded to their needs and provision this service are not always marked the competition’s weaknesses and use them for the benefit of our company as product innovation and positioning of it. Analysis of the current situation. Perform a consensus of the state of the product on the market if the company had adequate technology for the production of the product in this case if our oral wipe away what we are doing with the latest technology that is of our interest because it is an innovative product. Fixation in gourd we do by analyzing prices of competitors to well analyze the market demand and thus determine the overall gain. Selection of the strategies’ Penetration, maintenance or abandonment of the market share. ‘Vertical integration. ‘Market segmentation. ‘Application of the product line. ‘Pricing. ‘Wide distribution. ‘Comparative Costs. ‘Changes in products annually. ‘Marketing Expenditure Plan Set objectives for short-term performance plan advertising strategies daily flyers in supermarkets demonstrate objectives is also important that the marketing plan is approved in full by the address before any for the same activity. Being the marketing plan, a document which should be read and approved by management, should be relatively short and concise. Marketing Plan Format Make a database of future strategies to make a collection of these and so long term can make a thorough analysis of possible flaws in the marketing and promotion of mouthwash on the market. The Communication Plan is one of the most important strategies is already going to the rinse position in the market because the product is innovative and is a purely pre disposing factor in the success of public awareness of our product. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 , is a Principal of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC As television media in the student population: university health professionals in housewives. Radio: To reach the pubic in general adult population. Objectives’ marketing costs as a national average, has about 50 percent of the total costs of a product or service. “Advertising is only one of several factors affecting sales. The brand positioning is essential to obtain further information from the public to be so effective advertising and no benefit in the sales growth and establishment in the market. The creative strategy creative strategy of great importance regarding our product you can position the rinse dare concerts, events in the young public lectures at universities and oral health. Taking into account ‘the target group’ positioning ‘platform’ text tone and execution.

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