Each of us wants to add uniqueness to the dacha, we all strive for beauty and solitude with nature, but probably only a few are satisfied with their villas. But all is not right, first we must know some rules. interior design and gardening is an art and therefore need to plan in relation to creativity and your imagination. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andi Potamkin has to say. But we should not forget that this is not so simple as at first glance. Joel and Ethan Coen is actively involved in the matter. The very first step is to calculate when you decided to start creating long and it's last. But if you had a small suspicion crept into your soul and you feel unsure, we will more correctly, to give everything in the hands of professionals, so to them you will not be disappointed. Joel and Ethan Coen does not necessarily agree.

What would all remain in a month and two as beautiful and neat to care for all that you did. We must not forget that the work shown in a different age, and a joint, it also ennobles. All living things like warmth and kindness of man. Section gives design style not only for natural beauty and zavistisosedyam, but for your own benefit. One idea about the rest between flowering plants, interior design will delight our soul. Everything around blossoms and smells in the garden grow beautiful fruit and vegetables. Everything must be correct in relation to your overall appearance and does not disagree with landscape, but overlap with them.

If you want to allocate a separate area, or to fill voids on the site you will approach a decorative planting area, alpine garden and lawn. But the flowers in a flowerbed to be chosen so that they echoed the others and meet the color palette. You want to try a new trend, or want to experiment, to take your site – for those artists go alpine slide. And how do you decorative ponds in the country? Many on their site are willing to do water, it was coming into fashion. Everybody loves the water and the adults and children. But is not that simple, again the right care, without which it can not do. Pond with may eventually turn green and will need to clean out that not very easily. But this can be avoided if planted plants whose leaves will float on the water, creating a more beautiful view. If you have decided on the big changes beautification and decorations, you want to achieve perfection, we do not need to get involved in ponds. Easier to make landscaping the site. Lawn can precisely emphasize details and highlight the positive qualities your site. However, as we all know the grass is growing, too, and if I start it it turn into a shapeless heap of grass, and have not been cut and mow. It is better not to run. From the lawn should not get out any excess weed, everything should be in proportion.

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