How To Write A Resume

Employers are coming every day dozens of resumes. It is from this document, and starts dating a contender for the job. Therefore, your resume certainly should attract interest to yourself. So, the resume – a document containing information on work experience and education, compiled in chronological order. The main task of a resume is to attract attention and interest of the employer. A good resume will help you find a job, and get coveted position in the shortest possible period. Consider what information should contain a template resume: Personal Information full name is indicated on the first line of the summary and bold.

Position you are applying for is not recommended that several positions at once. If you are an applicant for several positions at once, you have to write several different resumes, each of which will be converted into the corresponding position. Contact Information Age (the number of full years and year of birth). Enter a city and residence address, and phone number (home, work IMPORTANT: Do not forget to mention, where they what and at what time it is better to call on each of the them). Information about the experience of most major and important item in the summary. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City understood the implications.

Basically it and highlights the employer. Here you must specify all the places of work and describe in detail two or three of the latter. Specify the period of work for each of their jobs, company name and job title. Not recommended indicate if information on part-time. Education Level of education (secondary, vocational, higher unfinished higher education, academic degree, etc.). No need to dwell on the description of institutions, which have already finished 15-20 years ago. For more information, here you need to specify information such as:-Possession inostrannych language;-Marital status; Ready-to komandyrovkam;-PC skills;-driving license and a car; The presence of the passport; The presence of other special knowledge and / or documents.

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