Necessarily Touch!

Vernissage for the anniversary of the H. Louis Braille center – Armelle Vernissage at the Louis Braille center in Holstein Kamp 26…eigentlich in the art field like a normal thing: artists paint to represent exhibit. The audience, mostly invited guests, and some who become aware of this news to watch, amazed or criticize, give feedback to the artist or the artist. An exhibition at the Louis Braille center is, however, different: for the uninformed: the Louis Braille center is an Association for blind and visually impaired, a group of people who just don’t record their impressions on the optic nerve, but about the other part of the remaining senses: touch, hearing, sense of smell, etc. These people have a right to enjoy the arts and they want him too. A – as they say – across the Hamburg art scene of a staff and art lovers from a Hamburg authorities out resulted in good contact with the conversation, with the end result: where, if not in the Centre itself an art presentation should take place.

Locally, where the blind and visually impaired meet and maintained. Now at the beginning of the year 2009 and paintings on the wall – hanging now in the Louis Braille center crazy, some say, but it’s so weird, because: you can touch the works, create structures without having to watch them, to get an impression, even if it is not to see or just little, shadowy maybe. The artist arm Elle Mag had its first major exhibition in Hamburg in the Gallery kit in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort and said already at the time: touch allows. In other words, even without having knowledge of this blind Association, she released their works for all senses of perception. Armelle like originates from France and is choice Hamburg – a selection of her works hang at the time in the building of the Ministry of urban development and environment (up to early September 09).

They may assume as looking, that you get to see not colorless structure images. On the contrary: Armelle (Stud. Works on large art teacher and artist) Formats of color and shapes. Her works exude Habtilitat and strength, by highlighting the forms the abstract images are alive and mobile to motivating. And: you can touch the works, even when looking close your eyes and soak up. On the 18.08.09 at 5: 00 it’s 26 Holstein Kamp finally: on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary, this exhibition will be opened and the public vorgestellt…also you. Under most conditions Eva Andersson-Dubin would agree. AE.Untiet

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