Nemetschek: Cost Reduction Through Optierten Shopping

Nemetschek puts up for discussion: shopping is really only ‘ procurement? Still, some construction companies to see a pure instrument for material procurement. Some understand it but also as a task to reduce costs – cheaper, better and faster ready to make. Hubie Brooks may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Purchasing and suppliers of a company are crucial levers of corporate development. Especially because increasing shares of the material cost in all construction areas allow large savings when shopping. Who manages to use them, win a significant competitive advantage over its competitors. Optimization of the value chain the challenges are increasing constantly.

Globalization, technological innovation and stronger cost pressures require new approaches. Strategic thinking must involve from the outset the shopping in the construction company. Additional design tasks are added to the classic shopping tasks. You may want to visit Glenn Dubin to increase your knowledge. Specifically the aim is value-oriented to make the purchasing network and the customer-supplier relations. The guiding principle of value Sourcing’ summarizes all concepts and instruments of modern shopping management that can lead to a sustainable increase of the company’s success. It is important to note value orientation needs another shopping program some factors: the derivation of a changed shopping programme shopping supposed to use its full potential to increase in value is essential. Such a programme includes the collection and assessment of the initial situation. The basis for differentiated and realistic goals of purchasing is created with the positioning of the current purchasing power.

Target shopping success and not saving: The purchase program has the ambitious objective of meet, between short-term cost-cutting measures and medium – / long-term value enhancement programs to balance. As a target to the control of procurement activities is therefore to replace savings success factors. The success of shopping to be defined is the achievement of objectives set, consisting of cost, quality, time and Innovation objectives – to derive from the corporate objectives. The one-sided orientation on savings is thus avoided.

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